The Pirate Plague of the Dead Apk Mod

The Pirate Plague of the Dead v2.8.1 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

The Pirate Plague of the Dead apk mod unlimited money is an adventure game for Android. Thus, lead your pirate crew, build an entire fleet and terrorize all of Recife. So, you will dive into the unforgettable world of pirate adventures. In this game, you take control of the famous pirate ship and control Captain Jack Rackham, who has voodoo magic.

Then, our pirate decided to resurrect the famous “Flying Gang”, which consists of famous pirates from the last century. Each pirate in this game has their own unique characteristics and abilities that will allow you to improve pirate ship performance and even call the Kraken. The game will please players with a dynamic change of day and night, a variety of weather conditions, as well as unforgettable adventures. Explore the Caribbean, attack cities, trade and search for treasure.

In The Pirate Plague of the Dead mod apk premium unlocked you will manage your pirate bay, capture provinces, upgrade them and pump them up. The game controls are quite simple, you won’t just steer your ship. But also shoot any of the boards using the on-screen buttons. Be careful, because the game has physics and you’ll hardly be able to swim against the wind. Besides, the waves will constantly prevent you from hitting enemies.

The Pirate Plague of the Dead apk mod features:

Pass through a huge and unique company to get loads of bonuses and unlock legendary ships. The huge open world allows you to float anywhere and not act according to the stated task. Explore every corner of the Caribbean and build your own pirate empire.

Allocate resources intelligently and correctly, replenish your team. Don’t forget to buy additional kernels and supplies, and become a real storm of the seas. Featuring an open world without screen loading, dynamic day and night cycles as well as a weather control system, it offers every player an unforgettable experience.

The player is expecting the endless expanses of the sea, meetings with other crews of thieves, clashes with sea monsters and Voodoo magic. Then to stay afloat, you need to constantly upgrade your ship, sink opponents and resurrect legendary pirate captains to join the ship’s crew.


The Pirate Plague of the Dead 1
The Pirate Plague of the Dead 2
The Pirate Plague of the Dead 3

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Mod Info:

Free purchases with real money in the in-game store.

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