Stickman Dismounting Apk Mod

Stickman Dismounting v3.0 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Stickman Dismounting apk mod unlimited money has fun and addictive gameplay. Thus, the little drawn man will go through very difficult times. It is necessary to test it to verify its strength from mission to mission. So, will the dummy be able to withstand all the trials that have fallen on its head?

Each level in Stickman Dismount apk mod unlimited money or as it is also called in Russian “destroy me completely” is a kind of attraction in which the hero will have to overcome many trials. Going down the stairs is the first and easiest level. Then, does it seem like it can be difficult to go down an ordinary ladder? For a healthy person, maybe nothing, but for a mannequin, who only has a few poses in his arsenal, this is a real disaster.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock more and more new levels. Gameplay will become more and more complex. However, the main character will also become more mobile – new moves will be available to him, and he will even be able to drive a vehicle.

Mount a mannequin on a motorcycle, jeep, sports car, bicycle, stroller, chair and more. Calculate your initial speed correctly and press the start button. Do your best to injure and damage the dummy as much as possible.

This time, our task is not to save the main character, but, on the contrary, to inflict as much pain on him as possible. To do this, we can push it down the stairs, lower it down the slope in a grocery cart, put it in a sports car and send it to a brick wall, etc. Perform amazing stunts, crash into walls, break bones, destroy vehicles and have fun!


Stickman Dismounting 1
Stickman Dismounting 2
Stickman Dismounting 3

Stickman Dismounting apk mod features:

– Unique active ragdoll physics system
– Crispy sound effects
– Multiple levels
– Various vehicles
– Multiple props for customization level
– Replay system with saving and skill sharing

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Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

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