Stick War Legacy Apk Mod

Stick War Legacy v2020.2.161 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Stick War: Legacy apk mod unlimited money a strategy game in which you have to take control of a huge army and thanks to it to capture all the territory. So, in this game you will command the army, which consists of painted men. Thus, your main task will be to attack the rivals’ territory and capture them, giving enemies no chance to win.

Your territories surround you on all sides with aggressive neighbors, so be brave and attack first, without waiting for opponents to attack. Gather your army of various combat units, such as swordsmen, archers, spearmen and others. Then get valuable resources and learn new technologies that will help you strengthen your army.

In Stick War Legacy mod apk a world called Inamorta, several nations around you are fighting for dominance using different technologies. Each of these nations developed its own defense and attack techniques. Proud of their own creations, their obsession was practically adoration. Weapons became his religion. Each of them believes that their lifestyle is the only viable one and are dedicated to trying to teach their traditions to all other nations through what their leaders claim to be a divine intervention, also known as … war.


Stick War Legacy 1
Stick War Legacy 2
Stick War Legacy 3

Requires Android 4.4 or higher.

Mod Info:

You can shop even in the absence of diamonds.

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