Rope Hero Apk Mod

Rope Hero v3.3.3 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Rope Hero apk mod unlimited money you will travel to a big metropolis to become the only loyal defender of law and order and fighter for justice. Thus, your hero is a skilled climber in a costume who uses a powerful grappling hook to scale the walls of tall buildings like Spider-Man.

In contrast to you and our hero, a gang of angry criminals will act, relentlessly invading civilian homes and public institutions, are you ready to fight crime? Use a multifunctional hook as well as many other gameplay innovations, defeat villains and gain access to exclusive gear, complete exciting missions and free the metropolis from bandits!

So, an entire metropolis was at the mercy of a gang of thugs. Enemies have intimidated everyone in the area and don’t value human life. Just put on a technological suit and thwart all the plans of the “bad guys”.

Then, dozens of missions must be completed to completely disable the criminal network that has grown over the years. Hopefully, the protagonist will be able to handle all of this on his own. He has a powerful weapon, as well as a super costume, in which he feels completely safe.

I still would! After all, it’s bulletproof, equipped with night vision equipment and aids in projectile sighting. So, it lets you drop hooks to jump like a spider-man or grab onto objects.

Thus, the game will please all fans of dynamic action games. However, you will have to adapt to the controls. Then, in addition to two control joysticks, there are virtual keys and also an unusual guidance system.

Rope Hero apk mod features:

1. Multifunctional control.
2. Dynamic gameplay.
3. Well thought out plot.
4. Bright characters.
5. The events will take place in a big city.
6. Powerful weapon.
7. Availability of land and air transport.
8. Difficult stunts, plus the main character’s original combo attacks and super-skills.


Rope Hero 1
Rope Hero 2
Rope Hero 3

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

Mod Info:

Unlimited money, diamonds and skill points.

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