Romantic HOLIC Apk Mod

Romantic HOLIC v1.1.15 Apk Mod [Unlimited Tickets]

Romantic HOLIC apk mod unlimited tickets ts is an intriguing visual novel that is sure to delight fans of thrilling stories with the ability to interact, influence the flow of events and also with many different endings. Thus, at the center of events will be a young woman who, after a difficult breakup with her boyfriend, finds an unknown white telephone among her things. You may also like Choices Stories You Play apk mod.

So, on the phone, the girl sees an unusual app called “the world of dreams”, interest prevails and she launches an app where she meets an unusual young man. The entire story will unfold right before your eyes in the form of interactive dialogues, you can build relationships with characters, make important decisions, get to know the characters better or stop communicating.

Also, you must reveal one of the most mysterious secrets of the app called “dream world”. Then, after a terrible breakup with her boyfriend, Jaime finds a white cell phone among her belongings. Thus, she ends up connecting to her dream through a strange mobile app called ‘Dream Connector’, where she meets a mysterious man…

A visual novel that is simple enough for anyone to enjoy, but also a deep storytelling experience with drama and fun. So, a simple game system with an addictive story! Then, your choices determine the ending and achievements add more fun to the Romantic HOLIC unlimited tickets.

Romantic HOLIC apk mod features:

1. Don’t miss any small details. Everything is connected.
2. Think hard about your relationships with other characters. This can affect your relationship with the desired pair.
3. Nothing is certain. Choose what you think is right. This will determine your future.
4. The text and characters create an immersive and moving experience.
5. Make your decisions and experience the ever-changing plot and various endings for yourself.
6. Find hidden stories and achievements.


Romantic HOLIC 1
Romantic HOLIC 2
Romantic HOLIC 3

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

Mod Info:

Too many tickets in the game.

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