Romance Fate Apk Mod

Romance Fate v2.7.8 Apk Mod [Unlimited Diamonds]

Romance Fate apk mod unlimited diamonds is a collection of engaging interactive stories, each one based on the romantic relationship between the main characters and gorgeous men. In each of the plots, the girl will be involved in romantic relationships with different men: a billionaire, a boss, the head of a criminal gang and her brother, a policeman, who studies unusual love practices as a neighbor.

All scenarios of Romance Fate tickets and unlimited diamonds are sure to please girls due to interesting development and unusual twists. Two handsome brothers: a dangerous mob boss obsessed with you and a taciturn cop determined to take you down. As you embark on fiery relationships with the two, your life becomes a web of lust and lies…

Then they said that they are part of the secret organization of the Conspiracy and in no way Typical Tactics (CAT). You will soon discover that you also have unique abilities that you can use for the benefit of society. Thus, you will meet three guys who will update you. Take a closer look because each of them could become your soul mate.

Romance Fate apk mod features:

Romance Fate mod apk unlimited diamonds and tickets an exciting story where you will have the great mission to protect the city from the evil organization Vanitas. So, three brave guys with supernatural abilities like you will help you with that. Each of the guys is special and can influence your life. You can befriend them or even have an affair with one of them. It all just depends on your decisions.

Then Download Romance Fate apk mod with unlimited diamonds to your phone Android now and enjoy!


Requires Android 4.1 or higher.

Mod Info:

Free Premium Choices (play with the internet off).

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