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Projeto Relo v1.1 Apk – Download Updated 2022

Projeto Relo updated 2022 download the new update of the best 3D kite simulator for Android, download it totally free. So, enter this fantastic kite battle and win all your kites by cutting the rope of enemy kites. Thus, in Projeto Relo Kite Game for Android, PC and IOS choose a really cool kite and try the Festival, Combat, Pipodromo and Online game modes.

Then show everyone that you are the master of kites in this super fun game. The game even offers different scenario options, you can customize the available kites, including versions inspired by models from other countries, as well as hundreds of prints and shapes.

Lines and tails can also be changed to improve control of toys. Thus, Projeto Relo download 2022 is a 3D game with beautiful graphics and for sure, the best kite game on the internet. So, it mixes fun elements, highly competitive, a little aggressive and many, many challenges.

Projeto Relo for android and pc is a simulation game where you are a local kite player from Brazil. Then the graphics are in 3D and the player has a reference card with which he can play independently in the city.

Thus, this is the best 3D kite simulator for Android. Then take part in this fantastic dragon battle and conquer all its dragons cutting the threads of enemy dragons. Choose the best kite game for Android at  Projeto Relo  Kite and try Game Mode Festival, Combat, Pipodromo and try online. Show everyone that you are the dragon master in this fun game.

Projeto Relo apk mod features:

1. Zoom function: Seeing how close your dragon is to the enemy is not an easy task. To do this, use the zoom to take a closer look at your interaction with the opponent and take the right steps to remove them with maximum precision.

2. Fast travel: In this game, it is not always possible to run fast. It will take some time. However, to quickly deal with new enemies, you’ll have to rely on the bikes available in the neighborhood.

3. Kite variety: Multiple kites choose your dragon and go into battle. But it’s not just a good kite that makes a good player, you also need a lot of skill and speed.

4. 3D Graphics: 3D graphics that are wonderful in this kite game. The zoom function is an extra magnifying glass and you will see that the picture is not lost when using this function. The objects in the shots are sharp, which makes the game a lot of fun.

5. Different scenarios: a variety of landscape options inspired by models, prints and formats from different countries. It’s very comfortable to play and you won’t be bored.

6. Several resources: lines, tails, wax, etc. can be changed to have more control over your toy and greatly improve its performance. There are many dragons and tools in the game.

7. Meet new friends: have fun with multiplayer online. Make friends and challenge other competitors to play with you. In this way, you guarantee your competition and improve the level of your relationship.


Projeto Relo 1
Projeto Relo 2

Requires Android 4.0 or higher.

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