Police Patrol Simulator Apk Mod

Police Patrol Simulator v1.3 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Police Patrol Simulator apk mod unlimited money is a simulator of police patrol on the streets of a big city. So, here, players can feel that they are servants of the law and can protect law and order on the road. Thus, its functions will include monitoring city blocks and catching lawbreakers who exceed the speed limit.

Then fulfill your objectives in Police Patrol Simulator mod apk. The user will have at his disposal several models of automobiles. It can be modernized in all possible ways with the help of new spare parts and various decorative accessories. Thus, the game has several options in the settings menu, to make the game perfect for your device. Then, there are many different cars to unlock. Which can be customized and patrolled. Each with different handling and characteristics.

So, experience the thrilling life of a police officer in the Police Patrol Simulator unlimited money. Thus, explore a vast, lively and freely accessible city, and ensure the safety of your area. So, record traffic accidents, search for stolen vehicles and arrest criminals. Then, provide support to other police at the traffic checkpoint, send out the signal accelerator and write it down. Thus, stop and check every citizen or car you want, and enforce the law. So, please watch out for fugitives and chase them on foot or by car while the lights are flashing and the siren is sounding. Then, investigate the crime scene, interrogate witnesses and search for evidence.

Thus sit behind the steering wheel of a realistic police car. So, the car’s computer is used to identify wanted suspects and stolen vehicles. Then, in an emergency, please use the siren to stop the car or drive into a road with heavy traffic.

Police Patrol Simulator apk mod features:

1. Play and experience the thrilling day-to-day life of a big city cop
2. Realistically recreated police vehicles
3. Authentic equipment like handcuffs, radios, radar guns and more
4. A large and lively open-world city with multiple districts
5. High quality graphics and simulation
6. Fixed issue when arresting criminals for selecting one of the violations
7. Fixed menu music volume not changed correctly
8. Free repair exploit fixed


Police Patrol Simulato 1
Police Patrol Simulato 2
Police Patrol Simulato 3

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

Mod Info:

Lots of money in the game; No Ads.

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