Pascal's Wager Apk Mod

Pascal’s Wager v0.5.0 Apk Mod [Full Version]

Pascal’s Wager apk mod is a dark and elegant RPG, packed with action on mobile devices, with great next-generation graphics. The game takes place in a dark world in which, as a result of a natural disaster, the sun sinks to the bottom of the ocean. So, the continent, deprived of light, was suddenly covered with black mist. The locals go crazy and no one knows why.

In Pascal’s Wager android you will have to understand the circumstances and save all mankind. Thus, on the way you will encounter many dangers and several monsters. Players embody diverse characters to experience the intense narrative and reveal the many hidden areas on the map. Throughout the adventure, they face unbelievable enemies, face epic bosses and accept devastating death and truth. All of this while being surrounded by the magnificent soundtrack, performed by a renowned orchestra.

Then, in ancient times, a natural disaster caused the sun to sink into the depths of the ocean. The continent that lost its light was suddenly taken over by a black mist called sendrilos. At the same time, the Colossi, who were revered by their descendants, walked the Earth for the first time, emitting a spark of light and dispersing the black mist. Its existence brought the only hope for humanity.


Pascal's Wager 1
Pascal's Wager 2
Pascal's Wager 3

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

Mod Info:

Full version of the game.

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