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Omega Legends v1.0.76 Apk [Mod Menu]

Omega Legends apk mod unlimited money is a sci-fi battle shooter set in the near future. Thus, is where the game known as “has” conquered the world like a storm. So, choose a hero and use your skills to win the competition. Then, fight alone or join friends in intense battles with hundreds of participants.

Thus, Track enemies, build defenses or use a sneaky approach. Do your best to stay last. So, heroes with unique abilities adapt to different play styles. Any hero is able to dominate the battlefield in the right hands, and whether you prefer stealth, quick attacks or defensive play, there is always a hero who fits your strategy.

Omega Legends mod apk games have a development very similar to other battle royale games like PUBG, Creative Destruction or Fortnite (with which it also shares a visual style). Then you will start by launching yourself into the air on an island full of weapons. Your goal is to defeat the rest of the players before they do the same to you.

So, the Omega Legends unlimited money control system is already used in this genre. Thus, you control your character’s movement with your left thumb and aim, shoot, pick up items and interact with any element on stage using your right thumb. You can also customize the controls to your liking using the options menu.

Then, Omega Legends mod apk is an excellent battle royale that offers the closest gaming experience to Apex Legends for Android smartphones. The game also features spectacular graphics and offers a variety of game modes, characters and skins for heroes and weapons.

Omega Legends apk mod features:

– Various Heroes with Unique Abilities
– Players Worldwide in Various Game Modes
– Multiplayer battles on Dynamic Maps
– Numerous Realistic Items and Equipment
– Fair and Fun Experience
– Fast Pairing or Matches with Friends


Omega Legends 1
Omega Legends 2
Omega Legends 3

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

Mod Menu:

1. Walking Speed
2. Heel Height
3. No Recoil
4. Night Mode
5. Wide Screen
6. Drone View
7. Wall Hack
8. Purple Wireframe
9. Wireframe Yellow
10. Calls Green

(Data in Android/Obb)

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Download Data (Obb)

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