Jurassic Survival Apk Mod

Jurassic Survival v2.7.0 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Jurassic Survival apk mod is an MMORPG where you must hunt and survive or become the hunt in this world at all unfriendly with unlimited money. Then, you wake up on the wet floor, under the shade of a palm tree, and you don’t remember how you got there. So, the only hope is to become stronger and more shrewd than the lizards that rule the place, totally exempt from any contact with civilization.

In Jurassic Survival unlimited craft there is a cold-blooded killer lurking in every corner, you can only trust your friends and yourself in this desperate struggle for survival. If you don’t like playing the lone hunter very much, you can join other players and build a common village. There are many advantages: from huge ordinary buildings to the hunt for the most dangerous beasts!

Players must overcome difficulties, fight for their lives not only with predators, but also with hunger, gather supplies for construction and crafts, explore the terrain and much more. Well, for those who like communication, a mode of cooperation between players is provided. They will be able to build an entire settlement in a much more productive way, which will be a safe haven for everyone to participate.


Jurassic Survival 1
Jurassic Survival 2
Jurassic Survival 3

Requires Android 4.1 or higher.

Mod Info:

– You can share unique objects;
– Free craft (the craft does not require items);
– Infinite durability of things;
– All craft recipes are available for study (regardless of the character’s level);

Mod Info:

– The division of objects increases their number;
– Immortality;
– High damage;
– Quick walk;
– Mobs stand still.

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