Infinite Flight Simulator Apk Mod

Infinite Flight Simulator v22.03 Apk Mod [Full Unlocked]

Infinite Flight Simulator apk mod full unlocked enjoy a full simulator on android devices! Thus, the game offers the closest flight simulation on mobile devices for beginners and experienced pilots. So, you’ll find a wide variety of aircraft with highly detailed countries around the world. You may also like X-Plane Flight Simulator apk mod.

Then, there are modes for experienced players and beginners. Choose from 27 unique aircraft, 8 locations you can fly in, as well as exact copies of the biggest airports on the planet. Thus, among the flight characteristics are: flight time and weather conditions, balance and mass, instrument landing system, automatic pilot system and flight planning.

Have you ever dreamed of knowing what it’s like to be a pilot? Today, more is available to you. So, you can find yourself in the cockpit of an airplane and even become one! Then all you have to do is download and install Infinite Flight Simulator all unlocked.

So what does the most realistic Android simulator offer us? Then, at least 15 aircraft are available to users. From large passenger planes to military fighter jets! Also included are 5 colored regions with precise clues and driving clues.

Infinite Flight Simulator unlimited money has more to offer than realistic models of planes and landscapes. Thus, you’ll be able to keep a logbook, earn achievements, learn with the help of introductory lessons for takeoffs and landings, adjust your balance independently by moving loads, plan flights, and much more.

In conclusion, we note that you need to get used to management. So, the translucent steering wheel presented, which needs to be controlled by gestures, does not fit the traditional control canons and requires an adequate adaptation!

Infinite Flight Simulator apk mod features:

1. Dozens of aircraft from different fleets, generalized and military aircraft (then subscribe to Infinite Flight Pro to unlock all aircraft)
2. Multiple regions bringing high definition satellite imagery, precise topography and all major airports with correct runway configurations
3. Growing list of 3D airports around the world
4. Customize the time and weather conditions (real time or custom)
5. Realistic atmosphere with sun, moon, clouds and stars
6. Autopilot (supports control of all parameters, NAV mode to follow your flight plan and auto-landing on selected aircraft)
7. Easy-to-use flight plan system with precise mechanisms and navigation aids
8. Engine start and shutdown
9. Instrument Landing System (ILS)
10. Advanced system to play again
11. Weight and balance setting
12. Cabin and door animations, suspension and wing movement, in some aircraft.


Infinite Flight Simulator 1
Infinite Flight Simulator 2
Infinite Flight Simulator 3

Requires Android 4.0 or higher.

Mod Info:

All planes are unlocked.

Download Game Mod (Apk)

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