Idle Magic School Apk Mod

Idle Magic School v2.3.6 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Idle Magic School apk mod unlimited money you have to literally control every aspect. Ever dreamed of building your own magic school? So, expand the boundaries of the school, improve its territory, make the learning processor for students as comfortable as possible. You may also like Magic School Story apk mod.

Thus, each student will contribute in-game currency for training. Then with these resources you will be able to open new classes, improve and equip them, attract experienced teachers and do everything possible to make your school one of the best in the world.

Also in Idle Magic School mod apk unlimited money you need to improve the special magic trees on which the fruits grow, which increases the mage’s rank. Over time, you’ll be able to discover new disciplines and directions, generate offline income, visit the magic shop, solve many interesting business problems, and much more.

So, in Idle Magic School unlimited money you will find a realistic simulation of real magic locations and school facilities. Then the surrounding area will be spiced up with modern animations and 3D graphics.

Idle Magic School apk mod features:

1. Even if you don’t log into the game, your school will work automatically and generate offline income so you can build the best school in the world.
2. Feel in a real magical world with amazing 3D animations and graphics!
3. Many business simulation challenges.
4. The magic shop produces free coins non-stop. Thus, remember to get them.
5. Several choices of subjects, teachers, magic instruments and growth strategies.
6. Have fun exploring your magic school and receive bountiful rewards and achievements!
7. Then train the greatest wizards in history at the School of Magic!


Idle Magic School 1
Idle Magic School 2
Idle Magic School 3

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

Mod Info:

Free purchases with real money in the in-game store.

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