Idle Forest Lumber Inc Apk Mod

Idle Forest Lumber Inc v1.4.8 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Idle Forest Lumber Inc apk mod unlimited money is an addictive arcade simulator with economic game elements and a clicker. Thus, will be excellent everyday entertainment for players of all ages. So, here you will take over the management of a woodworking company and try to transform your small business into a true empire.

Then, in Idle Forest Lumber Inc mod apk here you must take control of all aspects of your company’s work, from cultivating trees. Thus, hiring workers and ending with increasing the territory of your possessions, improving equipment. So, right at the beginning of the game you will have at your disposal a tiny area with outdated equipment. But having conquered the first resources, you will be able to invest them in the development of your enterprise.

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Idle Forest Lumber Inc apk mod:

1. Manage forests
Thus, to harvest trees sustainably, you need to hire reforesters to renew your forests! Then buy more land to reforest! So, train your woodcutters to become skilled workers and efficiently harvest logs.

2. Build production lines
Thus, buy and upgrade new machines to process logs faster and produce more wood products. Then, various machines are waiting for you.

3. Maintain and upgrade
So, log trucks and forklifts take the logs from the warehouse to the machines. Thus, upgrade and maintain them to keep the plant running non-stop.

4. Manage sales
So, coordinate marketing campaigns to attract new customers and efficiently organize orders to profit more.

5. Enhance with Biz
Thus, earn Biz Points for every order processed and spend them smartly to increase Factory revenue permanently.

6. Buy new factories
Then acquire more factories to increase your revenue.


Idle Forest Lumber Inc 1
Idle Forest Lumber Inc 2
Idle Forest Lumber Inc 3

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

Mod Info:

Money increases with spending.

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