Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Apk Mod

Harry Potter Hogwarts v4.5.1 Apk Mod [Unlimited Energy]

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery apk mod unlimited energy is an adventure RPG based on a popular literary work. According to the game’s plot, the protagonist receives a letter from the Hogwarts school of witchcraft. Then, in which he is invited to learn magic.

So, without hesitating, you accept the invitation. When you are in a magical place, you will learn the fundamentals of magic. But also explore the world around you. Thus, sudying the mysterious rooms, solving puzzles, interacting with various characters. Separately, it is worth noting the excellent graphics in the drawing style that convey the whole atmosphere of magic and fairy tales.

Then, the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery mod apk unlimited diamonds dialogs doesn’t seem very time consuming, sometimes the tasks are repeated and the wavy magic wands don’t seem as interesting as in the early stages of the gameplay. Anyway, if you are a true fan of witchcraft and magic, then Harry Potter will be a great find for you.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery apk mod features:

⚗️ Learn magic spells and cook powerful potions!
🎓 Unlock spells, potions and places as you progress through Hogwarts over the years!
⚗️ Dive deep into the world of Harry Potter!
🎓 Occupy your space between witches and wizards!

🔍 Use your magic skills to investigate mysteries at Hogwarts!
🕵️‍♀️ Discover the truth behind the Cursed Chambers and your brother’s disappearance in a totally new story!
🔍 Choose carefully – so your choices make a difference!

🌍 Get involved in immersive events, then play Quidditch and more!
🏆 Win the House Cup with your colleagues!
🌍 Conjure your own Patron and defeat Dementors!
🏆 Make friends with magical creatures like stuffed animals!


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery 1
Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery 2
Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery 3

Requires Android 4.4 or higher.

Mod Info:

You can buy energy with diamonds even if you don’t have enough diamonds ( You can get banned for using the mod! ).

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