Grand Truck Simulator 2 Apk Mod

Grand Truck Simulator 2 v1.0.32 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Grand Truck Simulator 2 apk mod is a great game for any truck enthusiast. It has realistic features that would surely make any truck addict happy. Like any other game, you start with a basic truck. However, once you have more experience, you can have bigger, faster trucks and better jobs.

Now, more than ever, you must take care of your vehicle fleet. A new physics with realistic consumption, damage and wear will test all your driving and management skills. Check tire pressure, coolant and lubricant levels, buy used trucks, change engines, gearboxes, differentials, tires and wheels are some of the new features that the game android offers us.

So, you can also choose the paint or the skin of the truck. For a personalized look, you can create your own cover and share it with other players. Do you want to change the name of the cities? The multiplayer game in Grand Truck Simulator 2 unlimited money allows players to edit city names. They also allow players to change the textures of the map.


Grand Truck Simulator 2 (1)
Grand Truck Simulator 2 (2)
Grand Truck Simulator 2 (3)

Requires Android 4.3 or higher.

Mod Info:

Driver’s license E unlocked; You can make purchases even with 0 cash, it increases instead of decreasing.

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