Dragon City 2 Apk Mod

Dragon City 2 v0.11.2 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Dragon City 2 apk mod unlimited money if you would like to learn to control dragons by becoming their master? Then, Dragon City game will be a real discovery and will take you to a world full of magic. So, build your dragon city with a farm, unusual buildings and, of course, powerful dragons.

Thus, create your own dragon world in Dragon City 2 mod menu unlimited diamonds. Then, bring a new refueling, take care of it. And most importantly, train so that in the future your dragons become a formidable weapon that instills fear in the enemy. So, the player can enter into profitable alliances by associating with other dragon lords. Thus, can chatting, actively participating in all game events and receiving exclusive rewards for doing so.

Then, replenish your dragon farm with new copies. So, create unique hybrids, crossing dragons from nature, fire, war, etc. Thus, participate of special promotions. Then, the player can become the owner of rare dragons with enhanced characteristics.

So, match your dragons in Dragon City 2 unlimited money to create exciting new races. Thus, lead them in beautiful 3D battles against wild encounters and boss fights! Then, watch them grow and evolve into bigger and even more impressive dragons!

Thus, build a city and play with your dragons in your own kingdom of floating islands. So, help them restore the land and reclaim the long-forgotten corrupt territories of the ancient Dragon Realms!

Dragon City 2 apk mod features:

1. Create and maintain your dragon book. Then, the player can become the owner of more than 500 dragons;
2. So, Master interesting missions, opposing other users in the arenas. And thus earning exclusive dragons for this, as well as chests that increase the hero’s rank in the game;
3. Collect special spheres that increase the power characteristics of dragons;
4. Then, make mutually beneficial alliances, as well as collaborate with other players to achieve the best result.


Dragon City 2 (1)
Dragon City 2 (2)
Dragon City 2 (3)

Requires Android 7.0 or higher.

Mod Info:

Gold, Diamonds and Food (So does not decrease when used).

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