Dawn of Zombies Apk Mod

Dawn of Zombies Survival v2.92 Apk [Mod Menu]

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War apk mod happens after a nuclear war, where the planet has become a dangerous place. There are many anomalous zones on earth, one of which you will have to survive. Dawn of Zombies mod apk is an online survival simulator in a world where there have been several nuclear explosions and only a small group of people have survived.

Travel through radioactive lands in Dawn of Zombies Survival mod menu, collecting vital resources, as well as fighting horrible zombies and mutants. Also, build a shelter, build weapons and various mechanisms and other equipment. Upgrade your character, equip him with the best armor and weapons, make him an invincible soldier.

The resources you collect (stone, wood, food, medicine, cartridges) will allow you to build your own shelter, both on the surface of the earth and under it. Follow your character’s performance, don’t let him die of hunger, thirst or hypothermia. Use the vehicles found that will allow you to explore new territories and find friends.


Dawn of Zombies Survival 1
Dawn of Zombies Survival 2
Dawn of Zombies Survival 3

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Mod Menu:

– Free crafts in the character’s menu (even if there are no resources available) (High chance of ban);
– Maximum level – opens all craft recipes (use after training) (High chance of ban);
– Mobs do not attack;
– Mobs stand still;
– Immortality;
– High damage.

For the mod to work correctly, follow the training with the mod options in the menu disabled.
Use the mod at your own risk – you could be banned for using it!

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