Dark Riddle Classic Apk Mod

Dark Riddle Classic v1.0.4 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Dark Riddle Classic apk mod unlimited money you will find a nostalgic atmosphere. When passing in the popular logic game with original tests. Where you will find yourself again at the epicenter of an incredible adventure and try to enter the house of a mysterious neighbor. But it will be very difficult to do this. Thus, there will be many obstacles and dangers in your path and your neighbor will also hear every rustle of yours. So it is important to move quietly.

The neighbor is armed and very dangerous. Then are you ready to try to take him straight to the basement to reveal his most intimate secrets? In Dark Riddle Classic mod apk you will find all the same locations and streets as the original game. Interact with environments, use objects to overcome traps and obstacles. During your walk through the city, you may encounter the most unexpected residents of the city, such as unknown creatures, police officers or an alien device vendor.

Your adventure begins in an unusual city, where you can find many useful and unique items. You will meet a policeman and a seller of alien devices and, during the game, you will meet unusual creatures. Each item and character creates a huge fascinating story.

According to your requests, we have prepared the old classic version of Dark Riddle to allow you to experiment whenever you want. So, we present “Dark Riddle: Classic unlimited apples” as a stand-alone game for you to play and travel the memory road! The game contains an old house, a funny protagonist, a big, bright city with different objects to explore, pick up and use.

Dark Riddle Classic apk mod features:

– Classic game controls
– Futuristic UI Design
– Retro weapons and the really furious enemy behind your back
– Atmosphere of mystery and haste.


Dark Riddle Classic 1
Dark Riddle Classic 2
Dark Riddle Classic 3

Requires Android 4.4 or higher.

Mod Info:

Free in-app purchase.

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