Club Soccer Director 2022 Apk Mod

Club Soccer Director 2022 v2.0.2 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Club Soccer Director 2022 apk mod unlimited money become the manager of one of the football clubs. So, participate in club life and help your players to succeed. You have to become a real teacher for your team. When choosing one of the teams, you will be responsible for everything in it.

In your hands will be the destiny not only of the club, but also of each individual player. Who to face on the team, who to send off, where to make the right change or buy of players and much more. You will also be responsible for training and for the club itself, build a big stadium where your team will train, hire the best specialists from a coach to personal assistants.

However, in CSD 22 apk mod remember that you have a board of directors and will be happy to fire you if all your actions don’t bring in adequate profit! Become the incomparable manager of your club, buy or build a stadium, a sports school and a gym with which you will seek young stars.

In Club Soccer Director 2022 mod apk unlimited money hire and fire administrators as well as other employees, sign contracts with players and make transfers. As in real life, your decisions will have consequences here, affecting fans, player morale and the board that oversees your achievements. Also, this game was developed by real football coaches and administrators!

Bring only the best soccer players from around the world to your club in Club Soccer Director 2022 all unlocked, negotiate salaries with your representatives and conclude a mutually beneficial contract. Remember that every decision affects your club’s revenue, image and success. Then, all matches and player performance will be reflected in the overall statistics.

Club Soccer Director 2022 apk mod features:

1. More than 38 different championships;
2. More than 30,000 football players;
3. You can assemble a unique team according to your preferences;
4. Real stats for each player are kept;
5. The club can participate in the championship, cup and tournaments.


Club Soccer Director 2022 (1)
Club Soccer Director 2022 (2)
Club Soccer Director 2022 (3)

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

Mod Info:

You can spend money even if it is not enough.

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