Chickens Gun Apk Mod

Chickens Gun v2.9.01 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Chickens Gun apk mod unlimited money is a fun action game in which you’ll be transported to a chicken coop. So, chickens and roosters will resolve their relationship killing each other with different weapons. You’ll play not as an ordinary character, but as a chicken armed to the teeth, with which you’ll participate in exciting battles with other players.

In Chickens Gun mod apk unlimited money you will have the opportunity to play alone and participate in team battles. In single player mode, you’ll fight everyone, and in team mode, you’ll fight in squads of five to five, and the team that kills the most roosters from the opposing team will win. Thus, you can equip your hero with different weapons.

Such as: machine gun, pistol, bazooka, machine gun, sniper rifle and many others. You will also have the opportunity to launch smoke grenades and explosive eggs. Then to win the battle, you will be credited with in-game currency, for which you will buy various necessary things. Buy new weapons, equipment, multiple cars and more. Upgrade your dick, improve your beak, dress it up with cool caps or trendy sneakers.

Chickens Gun apk mod features:

In this game, you will participate in amazing battles with other players with your funny character. You will have access to a wide variety of weapons that you can use against other players or animated children’s toys.

In addition, your pupil can get behind the wheel of a different type of vehicle, from simple cars, racing cars, jeeps and even tanks. Armed cocks shoot and fight with each other. Shooting on the network with two modes, 5 vs 5 and against all. You can cool your cock, gun, beak, sneakers and caps.


Chickens Gun 1
Chickens Gun 2
Chickens Gun 3

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

Mod Info:

Lots of money in the game.

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