Block Craft 3D Apk Mod

Block Craft 3D v2.14.10 Apk Mod [Unlimited Money]

Block Craft 3D apk mod unlimited money is a game for creative individuals in which you need to build a variety of buildings using your imagination. Thus, the game world here consists of blocks and is similar to Minecraft. The situation is also with the gameplay, although it is more simplified. The user is offered several modes.

As you progress, new materials will be available. In the process of building buildings, hints will appear from time to time, preventing the player from becoming confused. So, buildings can be inhabited by people and animals. Then, you will have a lot of buildings at your disposal, including the Eiffel Tower, the Death Star, etc. Thus, in Block Craft 3D mod apk you can add inhabitants and pets to the city, visit your neighbors and share your results with the whole world!

So, ready to build? Learn the game by building your home, school or mine … Then decorate your building with your choice of furniture: it’s YOUR city! Thus, you can make amazing buildings: the Eiffel Tower, an airplane or even a big football stadium!

You can visit the city built by your friends! Check if they have finished their new castle and give them a hand, they will reward you later! It is fun to play with multiple players!

Block Craft 3D apk mod features:

– Construction game: many different buildings.
– Fun game: playing with animals is a lot of fun!
– Cool: visit the city built by your friends in multiplayer mode!
– One of the best simulation games: build your house and meet your neighbors.
– Many pixels: have fun with the graphics.
– Free game: play for free!
– Choose your character: male or female?
– Incredible buildings: home? Castle? Or even a football stadium?
– New: adopt and play with animals!


Block Craft 3D 1
Block Craft 3D 2
Block Craft 3D 3

Requires Android 4.0 or higher.

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