Age of Wushu Dynasty Apk Mod

Age of Wushu Dynasty v20.0.0 Apk Mod [No Skill Cooldown]

Age of Wushu Dynasty apk mod is an RPG for Android, where you must master the traditional martial arts of the Wushu dynasty. This game will allow you to become a true kung fu master, reveal your potential and prove to everyone that you are the best in your field. Choose your hero from four schools that teach various martial arts. Each of which offers unique opportunities to personalize the hero.

Then, become a student at one of the schools and master the art form that suits you and fight against opponents from other schools. Thus, the game will delight you with excellent graphics and diverse worlds that will take you to beautiful gardens, urban landscapes and battlefields. Also in the game you will see stylized costumes from that time. Challenge real players and fight them in the arena.

So, explore a visually stunning virtual world filled with peaceful peach blossom orchards, bustling city streets, and singed battlefields! Thus, with full 3D animations and PC-level graphics, Age of Dynasty Wushu transports heroes to Ming Dynasty China. With stylized era clothes and authentic environments modeled on real locations!


Age of Wushu Dynasty 1
Age of Wushu Dynasty 2
Age of Wushu Dynasty 3

Requires Android 4.2 or higher.

Mod Info:

No Skill Cooldown; Unlimited Mana.
It does not work in some modes, because sometimes MP and reloading is done on the server.

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